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Beyond the moment

We believe in chemistry; in its beautiful complexity and the power it has to change the world. Take the chemistry in Polaroid film. Delicate, sophisticated but one of the most complex chemical formulations ever developed by humankind.  It captures a moment in time and gives us an artifact to hold onto and relive that moment again and again.

For over 80 years we’ve developed innovative and creative chemistry that captures the present. Now we look beyond the moment and towards the future.

Approaching Science unconventionally

We don’t limit ourselves to industries. We explore opportunities based on a project’s potential and impact to inform our research and development. We empower our boundary-pushing scientists to follow their knowledge, instinct and enthusiasm to explore the unknown. By combining this R&D approach with our deep scientific expertise, we drive innovation and turn ideas into life-changing products.

Our research and development department is currently engaged with numerous projects that tackle today’s salient issues and aim to improve the quality of life on Earth. As the next step in Polaroid’s history of innovation and creativity, we develop new ideas and technologies to solve the biggest challenges in areas spanning from Health and Human Sciences to Climate Change, to make tomorrow’s world a better place.

Imaging tech
Climate change
Revealing the instant film technology
Want to reach us?

Want to reach us?

We take all enquiries via email. To know more about what we do and the projects we are working on, to collaborate, propose and discuss future projects, for press enquiries and all general communications, click below.