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Polaroid Sciences and E44 Ventures Demo Day

Together, we can create a sustainable world. Join our start-up challenge.

Polaroid Sciences is partnering with E44 Ventures in a start-up challenge dedicated to helping grow and scale Israeli science-based solutions to build a sustainable future.

We're on the lookout for game-changer ideas in the following categories:

- Chemical Energy Alternatives: Harnessing the power of chemistry to unlock a greener future with chemistry-driven solutions that can power sustainable renewable energy.

- Bio-degradable and Bio-based Plastics: Biodegradable, biobased plastics and alternative long-lasting materials.

- Polymeric Nanofiber and Coating Materials: Polymeric nanofibers and coating solutions to create enhanced products.

- Water Treatment and Desalination: Innovative chemical solutions, microplastics capture, reverse osmosis, coagulation, water softening techniques, and more!

This is a unique opportunity for founders to initiate a partnership, accelerate their ideas and generate impact. Don't miss the opportunity to:

- Win an impressive cash prize of €25,000.

- Receive post-competition mentorship and access to a network of experienced, brilliant, and motivated scientists with entrepreneurial experience from Polaroid Sciences and E44 Ventures.

Let's come together and shape a better future through science and sustainable solutions.

Spread the word if you're as excited as we are!
Apply by the deadline, June 18th, 2023